Webmasters Concurring Parkinson’s Disease Together

Meet Chuck and Marsha Melvin. They are the webmasters who have created a website featuring information on how to improve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Both of them live, research, and constantly update the information on the website, and together work as a team helping to support each other.

In the fall of 2010, Chuck fell and seriously injured himself and needed 13 stitches on his forehead. Soon after his fall, Chuck’s primary doctor sent him for an MRI and then to a Neurologist. Meanwhile, Chuck was having troubles with talking, balancing and struggled to remember Marsha’s name. It was the visit to the Neurologist where Chuck was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s and was prescribed medication. Quickly after the first dose of medication he saw his symptoms improve and was able to remember Marsha’s name.

Marsha and Chuck have been married for 40 years and for the past 7 years have grown closer since Chuck’s diagnosis. The couple exercises together, attends the support group, and has participated in other Parkinson’s specific programs.  For example, when Chuck attended the LSVT Big program Marsha learned everything Chuck had to learn and was able to better help him continue his exercises.

“Trying to improving your symptoms by yourself is impossible. Marsha and I have developed a way to communicate to make my Parkinson’s better,” said Chuck. Together they enjoy staying active, stretching, attending pedaling class and continue to have a positive attitude.

Chuck believes that his mind has improved because of working on their website. Researching, writing, taking pictures and posting them are all things to make the website successful. The Melvin’s encourage others with Parkinson’s to write about their progress. They believe sharing stories helps inspire future readers and empowers others to stay active.

Continue to learn about the Melvin’s and their Parkinson’s research by visiting their website

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