What's Shakin'?

Florida Hospital’s Parkinson’s Outreach Center has developed a program specific for children ages 9-13 who have a parent or grandparent with Parkinson’s. What’s Shakin’ is an expressive arts group for children to share and express themselves through play, art and other forms of dramatic expression.

Living with a chronic condition such as Parkinson’s has an effect on the entire family. Often children have worries, concerns and feelings about their parent or grandparent but don’t know how to express them. What’s Shakin’ was developed as a pilot to help answer questions and provide children an environment to share and express themselves through forms of dramatic expression.

What’s Shakin’
Thursday, June 15 | 6:00 pm
Florida Hospital Parkinson’s Outreach Center
1685 Lee Rd. Ste. 110

Please call to register (407)-303-5295

Below is a video showing the importance of addressing a child’s perspective on Parkinson’s disease. This program is offering an outlet to understand the complexities of Parkinson’s.  

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