Video Games Exercise Motor and Memory for Parkinson's Community Member

Meet Scott Thompson. He is a loving husband, video gamer and huge Star Trek fan. Scott and his wife Ravyn have a dachshund corgi mix named Harley who they love dearly.

Scott has a deep love for Star Trek related series, and movies, as well as DC and Marvel Superheroes. When he was five he decided to follow his positive role models and chose to stay out of trouble. His love for Star Trek began in 1972, when he first discovered it in reruns. The fascination with a positive view of the future grew stronger as he learned more from it, and it's ideals for where mankind was headed technologically. Many of the devices we take for granted today, came from the ideas of Star Trek. Yesterday's communicator, is today's cell phone for example.

In 2009 Scott was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He first noticed symptoms when he was playing video games. His timing was off and he wasn’t able to push the buttons as quickly. Along with the delayed response, he also experienced pain and stiffness in his right arm. Once his doctor made the official diagnosis the news was tough to hear, however Scott and Ravyn remained optimistic about living life.  They later realized how medication can improve his motor skills so Scott decided to test his skills in the best way he knew how to by playing video games. Playing these games has helped challenge Scott with his hand and eye coordination.

Scott also attends the Orlando support group and has attended many of the other classes offered by Florida Hospital. He is a regular at the support group that meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month. To Scott, the support group is a family and he strives to know every member. Socialization is key to helping him manage his Parkinson’s. Staying active and developing relationships has helped him realize he can continue to do the things he loves.

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